10 Date Ideas

In the early days of a relationship, dates provide the opportunity to make a connection with someone  while you are getting to know each other. After being together a while, couples can retain a solid bond by finding opportunities to reconnect on a regular basis. A frequent reason given for divorces and breakups is the lack of romance, which is one reason why dating is a highly suggested way to keep romance alive in a  long term relationship.  In every stage of a relationship it can be hard to come up with interesting date ideas.

1 Do A Creative Activity

Get inspired & learn a new skill together, such as attending a painting or cooking class

2 Check Out A Comedy Club

Studies show laughing together grows intimacy and helps people bond.  Laughter releases endorphins in the body which is the intended result of most dates.

3 Tour A Brewery Or Vineyard

Learn something new and interesting together over drinks. Learn about each others preferences while enjoying a tasting.

Create Your own Wine Tasting

If a vineyard is out of your area (or budget ) curate your own tasting by asking your neighborhood liquor store for suggestions of a few bottles. Take them home and enjoy.

4 Have a Five Course Dinner at Different Places

Put a fun twist on the average dinner date at a restaurant. Rather than just one, pick several restaurants and savour a different course at each one.

5 A Bonfire Heats Things Up

Grab some wood, head to the beach or even a backyard and light your fire. Embrace the fun and romantic atmosphere while you make s’mores, sip some wine and cuddle by the glowing flames.

6 Visit A Botanical Garden

Try something more scenic than a walk in the park and delight your senses (and your partner) with a visit to the nearest botanical garden. Let love bloom in this romantic setting full of vibrant colored flowers filling the air with sweet floral scents.

7 Play Around At An Arcade

Let loose and have a playful date at an arcade. Swap childhood stories while you revel in a little friendly competition. Spice things up by wagering romantic favors and continue the games at home.

8 Stargazing

Pack a blanket and picnic basket and head somewhere secluded for an enchanted night under the stars. Search for constellations while you discover each other.

9 Indoor Rock Climbing

Try a physical activity that requires you to work together as partners. A great way to build and test trust, just don’t let your partner fall. Race to the top, winner receives a romantic gesture of their choice.

10 Rent A Dream Car

Take off on a weekend getaway or dress up and head to a fancy dinner. But, do it in style by renting your ultimate dream car adding a bit of luxury to your romance.

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