5 Dream Home Improvement Ideas

An increasingly popular past time activity of mine is hopping onto Pinterest or skimming through interior based books planning what my dream home will look like. It’s so enticing getting lost within images of beautifully decorated homes and planning out in my head exactly what mine will look like one day.

In today’s post I will be sharing my top 5 home improvements I’m planning for my dream home.

1. Attic Bedroom

I’ve always loved the idea of having my bedroom placed within the attic of a house. The unique shapes that come from the building’s structure would offer unique enclaves in which I can place my bed, shelves, bookcases or a wardrobe. I also love the feeling of having a cozy quiet space away from the world to relax. Whilst this bedroom would absolutely be a key feature of my dream home, it wouldn’t be my personal bedroom but rather a very special guest bedroom, something people coming to stay would remember well.

2. Walk-in Wardrobe

This has been a longterm dream of mine to dedicate one section of my house to be my very own mini clothing shop! Decked to the ceiling with shoes, handbags, hats, accessories on the shelves mixed with stylish rails to display all my coats, dresses and outfits when not being used. I would plan to follow a neutral colour palette for the design both to match my fashion style and to enhance the look of all my outfits together.

3. Adding an Orangery

Orangeries¬†are a beautiful mixture of a home extension combined with a conservatory. Their popularity arose within the 17th century as a statement of wealth amongst the rich. They are found typically on the ground floor of a property and they offer a sheltered area to grow fruit trees (including orange trees) which is where the name originates from. I could see myself using it to entertain guests throughout the beautiful British summers and also set up a small study space on the side so I can work surrounded natural lighting. I feel orangeries¬†offer such a wonderful extension option to a home and could see it being a place where I’d spend a lot of time with my family and friends.

4. Home Office

I’ve always loved the idea from working and studying from home and having my very own dream office space would truly be amazing. The beauty of a home office is it can be placed in any location in your home. You can opt for a living room home office, bedroom or dedicate an upstairs or downstairs room solely to it. My dream office would be full of inspiring posters, a gorgeous ornate desk, bookcases filled high of my favourite books and the comfiest armchair, and sofa I can find. A place to focus but also relax.

5. En-Suite Bathroom

What dream home would be complete without the master bedroom’s very own en-suite bathroom? Decorated with beautiful marble tiles, an ivory white clawfoot tub, and heated towel rail, this would be a bathroom fit for pampering sessions on a daily basis. Having the luxury connection of being an en-suite, it would truly be my own space to relax in the bath after a hard day’s work.

What would you love to have in your dream home?

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