5 Easy Ways To Save Money

Money is one of the leading causes of stress as well as one of the most highly coveted things in our lives. Those with financial difficulties, struggling to make ends meet may wonder if saving is even possible. It is not only possible but easier than you might think.  A simple snip of a few sneaky expenses can translate into hefty savings. Whether you want to set some funds aside for a trip, recently incurred unexpected expenses or are trying start a nest egg for the future, small changes can reap big savings.

Cut Out Dinning Out

The number one expense most households claim is eating outside the home. A few adjustments to your lifestyle can save thousands of dollars each year. The average price of grabbing coffee when heading to work is about $5 a day. Save by making your own at home for mere cents. The average cost of lunch adds up to almost $1500 annually. Get into the habit of brown-bagging, instead.

Sit down and compile a meal plan for the week then go grocery shopping and stick to the list. Home-cooked meals eaten as a family may become something you prefer. Instead of going out to eat with friends, host a pot-luck with every person bringing their favorite dish. The group can rotate which house will host the dinner next. You might actually end up having a more intimate and relaxing evening than you would of in a loud, public restaurant.

Change Your Tax Withholding

Several people end up with a tax refund each year but with a little paperwork you could receive the money now. Complete a new W-4 form and provide it to your employer to reduce the amount of federal taxes taken out of your pay. The average refund is $2800 which could provide you with an extra $233 a month. This takes minutes to complete and you could see the increase as soon as your next pay check. Consider placing some if not all of the extra cash into a savings account.

Cancel Magazine Subscriptions

Many magazines sent to the home don’t get read, but rather stack up collecting dust. If this sounds familiar call in to cancel future issues of all your subscriptions. Ask if you can get a refund back or maybe a prorated amount for the remaining issues. This is an easy way to save because instead of sacrificing anything you are eliminating a source of wasted money.

Cut The (Cable) Cord

Cable television is a large expense and monthly bills are projected to continue to rise over the next few years. Check to see if you can save on your bill by dropping channels in the package you don’t watch. Better yet, eliminate your cable bill completely. You can still watch the shows you love with services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix, for substantially less than the cost of cable.

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