5 tricks to getting a good nights sleep

5 Tricks To Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

1 Stick To A Sleep Schedule

Our bodies have a sleep-wake cycle that functions best with a consistent schedule.  Try to get the recommended seven hours of sleep each night. Head to bed and awake around the same time each day and on weekends try to stick to the schedule with less than an hour difference. Create an evening routine to prepare your body for bed. Do something relaxing that does not involve a backlit screen like read a book, take a bath, or meditate. If you can’t fall asleep after twenty minutes, get out of bed and go do something relaxing in another room. Do some light reading or listen to soft music and return to bed when you’re tired. Repeat if necessary until sleep is achieved.

2 Create A Sleep-Friendly Environment

Make sure your room is set up to promote good sleep. A dark, cool and quiet setting is best. Using things such as fans, white noise machines, earplugs and room-darkening curtains can help set the perfect scene for slumber. The position you sleep in at night can impact the quality of your sleep so a good mattress and pillow are important.

3 Cool Down

Cooling down your body temperature can have a huge impact on the ability to fall asleep. It may be hard to cool down if the weather outside is hot or your bed partner’s body temperature is like a furnace next to you. Adjust the air conditioner, use a fan or try a cooling pillow.

4 Increase Daytime Bright Light Exposure

Circadian rhythm is the body’s internal clock which affects your hormones and brain helping you stay away and go to sleep. Bright light and sunlight exposure during the day assists the rhythm providing energy in the daytime and improving the length and quality of your sleep at night. Obtain results by getting daily sunlight exposure, or if that isn’t possible there are special bright lights that are available for use indoors.

5 Reduce Evening Blue Light Exposure

Exposure to light during the night has the opposite effect on the circadian rhythm. Fooling your brain into thinking it is still daytime lowers hormones, such as melatonin, that help your body relax and assist in achieving deep sleep. The worst type of light at night is blue light, which is produced by electronics such as televisions, laptops and smartphones. Stop exposure to bright lights two hours before bed by turning off these devices. There are also products that can help such as glasses you can wear and apps you can install that blocks blue light.

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