About Pink Steel

Who am I?

I grew up in a small Suffolk town. I am the middle of 3, raised by a mum who could make a home out of just about anything.

I was always told to improve my confidence and learn how to focus and so, as I’m sure you would expect, I always felt like I didn’t fit in. My thoughts and interests were too varied, my mind going too fast (a million miles a minute sounds about right) and so I tried really hard to not be this way.

For a long time I scraped by, unable to be, do or have all that I dreamt of and at times I was classed as living in poverty. I wanted more and my mind was always so busy that all my energy went on trying to learn how to focus and how to be more confident. Sadly, all of my interests fell to the wayside.

Of my many dreams, I had always wanted a lifestyle blog of my own. I was so busy trying to fit in that I let the fools dream of fitting into that particular traditional mould stop me from trying. Thankfully this all changed when I started to let myself be me and explore all if the different things that sparked my curiosity and that led to some amazing opportunities and experiences too.

Since then I have built a loving relationship with Ryan, my partner of 5 years, raised a pretty amazing human in my 16 year old son Josh and I even went and built a business of my own which I love, specialising in business coaching and mentoring.

Of course, I still wanted that lifestyle blog though! So as you can imagine taking on Pink Steel in spring 2021 has been the absolute start of building on my dream for this. Finally, I get to share all of the things that interest so many of us, from blogging, to travel, to beauty to life and of course to home as well (my favourite place to be!) I am going to share what works in these areas for me (and what doesn’t) and I hope you find something to inspire or help you too.

Enjoy, A x

Work with me

If you have a product or service that is a great fit then I would love to help you with advertising. I offer a wide range of opportunities including social media promotion, sponsored posts, reviews and hosting competitions.

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