how to bring more pink into your life

How To Bring More Pink Into Your Life

Color has powerful impact on our lives and routines. Understanding the powerful affect and influence of colors and selecting the right one can enrich and fulfill your life. Gain love, self-acceptance, forgiveness, calm and inspiration by bringing more pink into your life.

Color Psychology

Studies prove first impressions are impactful stating people make up their minds about a person within the first 90 seconds. Interestingly, up to 90% of their assessment is solely based on colors. Communicating with our conscious and unconscious minds, colors have the ability to influence physiological reactions, moods and actions. Though used for marketing products for years, color therapy has gained popularity for its effectiveness in personal development by helping people identify feelings enabling them to move past obstacles they’ve set in their lives.

Attributes of Pink

A mix of red and white, pink exhibits the strongest attributes of each color. The red color softened by the white symbolizes heated emotions and intense passion that are also tender or calmed. A feminine color emoting a gentle energy symbolizing a warm heart balanced by a calm soul.  Scientists have discovered that viewing the color pink slows the endocrine system, decreases appetite, lowers heart rate and relaxes tense muscles. Productive color therapy for anger and emotional trauma are possible utilizing the color pink.

Improve Your Life

Incorporating pink in your life will invite love, joy, forgiveness, affection, romance, comfort and love in all forms. Brighter shades of the color attract confidence, fun, action, good moods and youth. Lighter shades of pink will encourage beauty, unconditional and gentle love and sweetness.

Pink is proven to help improve relationships both with others and ourselves. Pink influences people to approach and handle situations in a more careful and gentle way and improves the giving and receiving of affection and compassion. Demanding both respect and admiration, pink will attract partners and friends that are more loving, forgiving and compassionate, as well.

The positively charged energy of the color is extremely beneficial in increasing impactful personal growth. Pink encourages the practice of self-love and self-acceptance boosting confidence and a deeper appreciation for ourselves making us more desirable to others, as well.

Start your best life today by adding a splash (or slather) of pink. From pale to bright, bubble-gum to magenta, shade of the color are as plentiful as the beneficial results. Bring more pink into your life and with it more love.

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