How To Create A Gorgeous Home Office

An office in your home is convenient, but to avoid distractions from your personal life must be designed to ensure maximum productivity. But it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. There are several ways to make your home office functional, professional, stylish and organised. Any size room can be transformed into an amazing home office with the right furnishings, décor and personal touch.


As long as  furniture is functional it can come in any style you choose. Upgrade your work space with an elegant mirror-top desk, antique roll-top or balance a rustic wood plank on some cabinets. One thing to consider is the amount of time you will be sitting in your chair. There are multiple office chairs available to reduce the risk of causing strain and damage to your back. If you set a budget and can only splurge one thing, get the best chair you can afford. Otherwise, elaborate armchairs, cushioned formal dinning chairs or barstools are non-traditional seating options to consider.

Good Lighting

Lighting is essential to avoid eye strain but it can also improve your mood and and style your office. Add task lighting to your desk for work and small lamps in the room for mood lighting. Illuminate your style (from utilitarian to glam) with pendant lamps, chandeliers and if your lucky utilize natural light.
Get Some Green

Plants are proven to improve air quality, increase productivity and reduce stress in the workplace. Greenery is an inexpensive way to upgrade the feel and visual style of your office. There are varieties hearty enough for those lacking a green-thumb.


To keep clutter at bay and productivity high find organizational options to keep everything is in its place. Incorporate a color scheme or accent your style with baskets, boxes and bins that encourage order. Unlimited options, such as custom-built furniture, translucent wall shelves and inspiring corkboards keep your style game on point.

Color And Texture

Paint walls bright colors for creative inspiration, dark for focus and concentration or white for an airy, open look. Interesting wallpaper patters provide visual and textural appeal. Use bold colors throughout or pick one for a pop of color. Using a metallic accent color throughout the office results in a cohesive statement.


A mix of old and new works together to bring an electric vibe. Combine throwback fixtures, antiques and family heirlooms with modern or industrial style statement pieces. Intrigue with a luxurious material not often seen in an office, marble (as desk or countertops) invites in light and elevates the feel of the room.

Ground your area with a interesting pattern or colorful rug (even animal print will work).

Dress up a neutral tone room with gain eye-catching drapes and upholstery in bright colors or unique patterns. One extra large piece of artwork or several smaller throughout add a touch of class.

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