How To Get Clear Skin

Breakouts are a common and irritating problem. Tried everything and still seeing spots? Get the clear skin you crave by following these simple tips.

 Wash and Exfoliate

First, clean your skin with a mild face wash. Then, gently massage an exfoliator onto your face. You need to start with a clean surface so the exfoliant can target stubborn oil and dirt trapped deep inside the pores.

Wash Your Face Before Bed, Everyday

It is important to always remove the sweat, oil, make-up and anything else that ends up on your face, throughout the day before you go to bed.  Stay vigilant by keeping cleansing wipes near the bed for those nights when you’re just too exhausted.

Get A Boost With A Cleansing Brush

Residue can still linger on you face even after you wash and that build up results in breakouts. Try using your facial cleanser with an exfoliating brush which can reach down deeper than when washing by hand. The powerful tool gently loosens residual make-up, removing it before it gets stuck in your pores.

Clean Your Phone

Breakouts on your cheeks or other areas where you hold your cell may arise after frequent phone usage.

Throughout the day your phone collects dirt and bacteria which ends up on your face with every call. Remove the germs and grime by frequently cleaning your phone screen with an anti-bacterial wipe.

Hands Off When It Comes To Your Face

Germs on everything you touch throughout the day find their way from your hands to your face. Breakouts occurring on the jaw and cheeks may be caused by innocently resting your face on your hands. Combat bacteria and dirt from seeping into your pores by washing your hands often and avoid touching your face for extended amounts of time.

Regularly Switch Your Pillowcase

Your pillowcase, if not changed often enough can cause blemishes on your skin. Despite washing your face every night you pillowcase collects sweat and dirt from your hands, hair and products used on your skin end up clogging your pores and leading to breakouts. Changing the case every few days should help resolve the issue.

Wash Your Make-up Brushes

Make-up brushes collect bacteria, dust, dirt and of course, make-up, which in turn ends up on your face.  Make a habit of regularly cleaning your make-up brushes. There are special brush cleansers available or you can use baby shampoo.

Catch Your Z’s (Not Your Zits)

Lack of sleep causes an imbalance in your hormones and increases stress levels in your body, leading to skin breakouts. Avoid clear skin issues by attempting to regularly get eight hours of sleep a night.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is not only good for the inside of the body but is essential for skin care, as well. Signs of a dehydrated body are revealed through the presence of dry which is tight and flaky, Keep your skin and body healthy by consuming the recommended two liters of water each day.

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