How To Get Started With BDSM Online Dating

Dating can definitely be a tricky subject for many of us. And then throwing in the interest of doing BDSM dating can make the prospect of finding someone else even more daunting, but don’t worry! If BDSM dating is something you’re interested in exploring, there’s no need to feel shy or unconfident in your abilities […]

Tips for Dating over 50

Are you over 50 and looking to get back in the dating game? Maybe you’ve lost your partner or decided to go your separate ways and you want to find some companionship again, and why shouldn’t you? Maybe you’re quite happy with your independence but want to boost your confidence and have some fun? Whatever […]

5 Dream Home Improvement Ideas

An increasingly popular past time activity of mine is hopping onto Pinterest or skimming through interior based books planning what my dream home will look like. It’s so enticing getting lost within images of beautifully decorated homes and planning out in my head exactly what mine will look like one day. In today’s post I […]

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