Tips for Traveling Solo

Whether for business, learning or simply by choice, traveling alone is a very different experience compared to taking a trip with others.¬† Don’t let fear and uncertainty deter your plans, solo travel is enjoyed by many people which highly recommend the journey. So take the plunge, pack a bag, and read on to see what… Read More Tips for Traveling Solo


My Perfect Summer Playlist

A good summer playlist is crucial, setting the stage for how your summer will turn out and the soundtracks forever associated with the memories you will make. There are plenty of songs that are summertime staples, songs referencing the summer and of course just all-around feel good songs that will pump you up and prepare… Read More My Perfect Summer Playlist


10 Date Ideas

In the early days of a relationship, dates provide the opportunity to make a connection with someone¬† while you are getting to know each other. After being together a while, couples can retain a solid bond by finding opportunities to reconnect on a regular basis. A frequent reason given for divorces and breakups is the… Read More 10 Date Ideas