The Single Life Is Changing

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It’s no secret that there has been a massive change in our lives recently. We’re all living in an odd and unprecedented time with an unknown future coming out way. The way we do things has changed for everyone, from married couples to those living the single life and that includes the way that we are dating.

Single Life As It Once Was

Traditionally, the single life before lock down meant going to bars and talking to strangers you find attractive or interesting. Being set up on blind dates by friends. Swiping left or right on an app and then arranging to meet up at a restaurant or pub. One night stands were also rather commonplace. With this Coronavirus outbreak changing things, how will be be able to date when we have to be socially distancing?

Dating Going Forward

The world of dating changed overnight. Pubs shut, restaurants closed, clubs locked their doors. One night stands have become non existent and people have even been complaining about their lack of sex life online. We’re going to become reliant on dating websites more than ever. Will anyone actually want to meet up and have a drink in a pub with a stranger and have some sort of date? Dating like this will mean you’re unable to show any physical affection towards the person you’re trying to get to know. Even the words of ‘can I get you a drink’ could be redundant as do you want to drink from a glass that someone you don’t know and don’t live with has touched. You can see how things are changing.

Virtual Dating

Maybe we’re going to see online dating websites and apps become more technology focused? For one night stands, for example, there are sites like You can connect to like minded people looking for the same as you. Will the sites use technology more? That way you can meet via video calls to see if you actually want to meet in person? Will you have to be tested before meeting up with people via these sites? For those who just want a physical relationship, when you sign up for an adult dating site, you’re likely to find people who are looking for the same thing that you are. It will be interesting to see how the world of one night stands changes.

Meeting The One

There are many relationships and marriages which started by online dating. there are websites which connect you with people with similar interests and they could truly be your soul mate. With less people going out, whether because they are unable to or because they don’t want to risk catching a virus, more people will date online. This could make it harder to meet the one for you, or maybe open you up to more people you could connect with. Connecting with people is so important for our huan nature and experiencing different people is fantastic. But is it worth it at the potential expense of your health? It’s a fine future balance to find. Online dating after the Covid-19 pandemic will make for interesting viewing and taking part in for those living the single life.

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