Why casual dating is great

Why Casual Dating is great

When it comes to dating, it can be a grey area for many of us. So many people are looking to settle down and find their life partner, but in today’s blog post I want to share why I believe casual dating can be a great thing in many ways for you, and if you’re actively dating, you don’t need to go in expecting to marry the next person who takes you out to dinner.

I honestly believe that dating itself shouldn’t have a lot of pressure attached to it as it can easily lead to disappointment if people don’t live up to these expectations people can build of them when doing things such as meeting online. If you have a casual approach, you can actually have the chance to truly get to know the other person and also explore if you’re sexually compatible (If this is something that interests you).

You don’t have to limit yourself to dating one person at a time

With casual dating, you don’t have to block yourself away from other opportunities as people can sometimes think “Oh I can only date one person at a time” and then they turn away an exciting prospect, only to realise within 2 weeks that it actually isn’t going anywhere but then your previous prospect has moved on. Casual dating avoids this, as you’re not committing to anyone so you can date as many people as you like and keep your options open!

You can figure out what you actually want

Casual dating allows you to experiment with all your desires and interests without the chance of getting hurt or of hurting someone else during the dating process. It can be a great way to figure out what you actually want out of a relationship and even figure out the type of people you want to be around. You’re in a period of your life where you’re putting yourself out there and it can be very eye-opening and can be a great opportunity to learn more about yourself.

It Builds Confidence

Casual dating is a wonderful thing because you are in control and you’re not putting your feelings on the line, so there are pretty much no risks involved! Casual dating can allow you to have a much more relaxed approach when you meet new people as you don’t have the pressure of trying put on your best display in hopes that you can keep this person interested in you. You also don’t have to limit yourself to one person at a time, so your confidence can grow when you see just how many people are interested in getting to know you. You don’t even have to meet up with people if you don’t want to, you can just talk and keep it casual, that’s the beauty of it!

You can stop anytime

With casual dating, it’s completely on your terms, you and whoever talking are both aware of that so if you decide that you’re done and want time to focus on yourself, to explore new opportunities or to change and decide you actually want to settle down then that’s absolutely fine! The most important thing is that when you decide to start casually dating, that you’re upfront about it with whoever you’re talking to (Who you have an actual interest in developing a friendship with) so that they’re aware of where you both stand.

It can lead to a more natural development of a relationship

Another perk about no strings attached dating is that you and the person you’re casual dating can get to know each other and spend time together without any pressure. This can actually really help you both bond in a much more organic way than if you were put looking for something serious from the start. The fact the relationship is a casual can show you how much you truly care about this person if you start considering if they decided to change your situation from casual to serious.

You can fulfill your sexual needs without a relationship

Commitment can be scary for many of us, and it can sometimes not be the right time in your life to settle down. That’s where sex dating can come in and can help you fulfil all your sexual needs without needing to commit to anyone. I believe again, this can be a great opportunity to explore sexual desires you may have and again, learn more about yourself. However, if you do plan on having sex casually, just please be safe and always use protection with any new person who you’re having sex with. It is absolutely not worth putting your health at risk for someone who you may end up never speaking to again in a week, so always be mindful when it comes to anything sexual.

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