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Why Finnish Lapland Should Be On Every Travel Bucket List

Finnish Lapland is the ideal travel destination for those seeking a Winter Haven.  Take in the Northern Lights, enjoy a reindeer ride or husky sledding and take advantage of the multiple nearly flawless ski slopes. The possibilities are endless in this remote locale which promises spectacular sights and activities.

The Light Show

Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as The Northern Lights is an amazing natural phenomenon.  Appearing more than 200 days a year in the area makes Finnish Lapland the prime location for viewing this natural light show in the sky.-

Soak Up The Sun

This area is known to experience over 70 consecutive days of Midnight Sun. While the Sun on the horizon the Arctic Circle, the northernmost part of the country receives 24 hours of sunlight during this time.

Colour Of Life

An Autumn visit will allow you to enjoy the visual aspect of Ruska. The annual color change of foliage occurs for about one week in mid- September. Enjoy a hike through the rustic terrain as you take in are red and colored all around. Ice Fishing is also a fun activity in the wilderness of Lapland.

Ski Your Way

The location is revered by skiers from around the globe. Offering numerous slopes for all ages and skill levels in both cross country and downhill skiing. Boasting several resorts throughout region offers every skier their ideal trip. Finnish Lapland provided amole options so you can Ski solo, hit the slopes with family and friends, or play with the kids at one of the snow parks.  Kicking off in October, peeking in February and ending once the snow melts, (typically around May) provides travelers with a long ski season.

Huskies And Reindeer And Santa, Oh My

Explore the Arctic Terrain via the local wildlife. Ride through the snow on the back of a reindeer or let a pack of Huskies lead the way. Lapland, the reported home of Santa Claus, is a treat for both the young and young at heart. The exact location of his workshop is top secret. But, he does have an office in Rovaniemi (Lapland’s capital) where he holds court with locals and visitors year-round.

Finnish Lapland has everything one could hope for in a winter wonderland. Plan a trip of your own to this rustic and authentic wilderness locale. This is a trip you won’t want to miss.

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