Would You Go To The Cinema By Yourself?

The act of watching a movie alone isn’t unpleasant in itself, but the thought of what other people think you being by yourself can be horrifying. If most people would overcome their fear and just go, they would discover they made it a bigger deal than it actually is in reality. So take a chance, bet on yourself and discover the many benefits of the solo cinema experience.

No Consensus Needed – You Call The Shots

You won’t have to see a movie you don’t want to see, period. Dying to see a film but your friends or partner veto it as an option? Don’t feel like having to go to dinner or be obligated to spend time with someone before or after the movie? No problem. Go see what you want, when you want, without the pressure of guilt of appeasing anyone but yourself. Now you can spend time with your friends doing other fun activities you actually want to do as a group.

Avoid Annoying Talking In Your Ear

No one will try to you speak over the movie, asking questions or injecting their unwarranted opinions or theories. Getting shushed and glared at by strangers with attitudes is far more embarrassing than solo cinema viewing. You can sit back and enjoy, free of interruption.

Your New “Me Time” Headquarters

You have discovered a new oasis for when you require some much needed alone time. Upset about something and don’t feel like hashing it out? Stressed out and need to unwind? Want to go incommunicado for a couple of hours? Then the cinema will be your new favorite haven of which you will emerge renewed.

No Longer Concede Your Concessions

You don’t have to share your snacks! Avoid extra hands in the popcorn tub and the disappointment of letting someone else have the last of your favorite candy. In fact, you can eat whatever you want and as much as you want without judgement.

Rated PG: Personal Growth

Activities you do by yourself offer the opportunity for self-reflection, self-acceptance and self-improvement. Firstly, facing your fear and going it alone is a brave move which will build confidence. Taking time to make yourself a priority is healthy. Viewing a film alone provides you with the freedom to accept and express your true feelings. So go ahead and cry, scream or laugh like an idiot, without fearing judgement from your friends. You gain personal insight by contemplating how a film made you feel, think and relates to your own experiences. This deeper understanding of yourself is possible without the influence of others opinions that would be voiced in a group setting.

The next movie that you really want to see, go see it, alone. It’s possible to feel totally awkward at first, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a film YOU want to see. Stick it out until the credits roll because it’s worth the experience and you’re worth it, too.

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